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About Us

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All Gay Long was created in 2019 because as part of the LGBTQ+ Community we wanted to make a safe space where people of all walks of life could educate themselves on different matters concerning LGBTQ+. Our mission was clear from the start.

We realised that we wanted to make a difference and to make it possible for everyone to learn something new about our community without feeling awkward or judged.

All Gay Long isn’t just for LGBTQ+ people wanting to find out more about the community; it’s also for straight or religious people and even for those who don’t understand us. We believe that if we can share the best information and opinions, then we can change some people’s views about our community and what we represent. We have no agenda.


This website is created by two queer ladies, Nikki and Shannon, who have been together since 2017 and have always dreamt of making a contribution to the LGBTQ+ community and came up with this space. This is where we can write about the latest news, history and information about all aspects of the community. We’re not experts, and we don’t claim to be.

As Mancunians, we are proud of all things Manchester and certainly enjoy a night in the Gay Village. We know the importance of supporting your local gay scene and that’s something we try to do whenever we can.

We hope you will join us in making this world a more welcoming and loving one and we believe this starts by breaking down those barriers and starting an open and ongoing conversation all gay long.

What We Are Not

To clarify, we are not a ‘typical’ news or history site, although we have been known to write about big LGBTQ news stories from time to time.

If news is what you’re looking for, here are a selection of some of our favourites:


Stay In Touch

If you’d like to stay in touch with All Gay Long, we are keeping the conversation going on our social media:

All Gay Long is a safe place for equality and acceptance for all, not for one group or minority over another. We encourage discussions from all perspectives but will not stand for abusive language and name-calling, whether on our website or on any of our social media. Such comments will be removed and frequent offenders will be blocked.