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lgbt awareness
There are many awareness days, weeks and months that focus on LGBTQ+ matters. LGBT Education is important but awareness is even more vital and there are various days throughout the year that are designed to raise the profile of LGBTQ+ people and the issues we face. As Felix Online states:
“There is no place in the world where full equality has been reached”
This is why awareness and each of the events we talk about here are so important. This is why it is imperative to acknowledge the contributions members of the LGBTQ+ have made, honour those who have helped the way to help achieve a safer world for the entire community around the world. It is because of such awareness that we are able to attend Pride events, walk freely down the street and in some countries even get married. A study by PEW Research in 2013 found that LGBTQ+ individuals said that pride events were important and definitely played their part in making society more accepting, but it was not the most important thing. In fact, knowing someone who is LGBT and identifying public figures or celebrities who also identified as such, or who were outspoken about our rights, had a greater impact. This is why the dates and celebrations mentioned below are so important. Without them, it can be hard for people to find the information they need, or the support they’re looking for. By recognising and celebrating, we are all raising awareness for ourselves, as well as for those who are less fortunate and are still being oppressed or even killed simply for being themselves or loving someone of the same sex. Read on for information about each event as well as how you may be able to get involved: