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National Coming Out Day

national coming out day

National Coming Out Day is an annual awareness day observed on October 11, to support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender in coming out of the closet. 

As a community, one of the most basic, yet powerful, tools we have in raising awareness is coming out. The more of us that are able to come out, the more likely our friends and family are likely to support our rights and equality under the law. This is why this day matters so much. 

We know how difficult it can be to make the decision to come out. All Gay Long recognises the bravery that this takes; to all those who have previously came out – we thank you, and to all those who are on the verge of making this decision – we support you.

Coming Out for National Coming Out Day

rainbow flagThis day matters for everyone, and the Human Rights Campaign has compiled this list of stand-out pop culture moments for LGBTQ+ people in the last year. 

For 15 years there was a theme to help raise the profile of the day and provide additional support to those who need it. These themes included. Coming Out Still Matters, Coming Out for Equality, Conversations from the Heart, Talk About It, It’s a Family Affair, and  Being Out Rocks!

Coming out is not always a decision to be taken lightly. Depending on your circumstances it may come with a risk to your safety, but it can (and usually does) come with celebration and a sense of relief. You’ll no longer have to hide part of who you are and you officially become part of a global family of love and support. 

We are here for you.


We’d recommend these resources if you are thinking of coming out this year: