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Black Lives DO Matter

black lives matter

All Gay Longs stands with and supports Black Lives Matter.

This is not a race war, do not let people tell you otherwise. This is an opportunity to be recognised and achieve equality. All Gay Long has always believed that equality for everyone is the only way forward.  What affects one impacts everyone, whether that is directly or indirectly, and we stand alongside those who are actively fighting against injustice and racial discrimination.

We all need to speak up. It is not enough to not be racist, we all need to be anti-racist.

As a society, we can no longer stay silent. Racism has no place in this world. The world – and the police – need to realise that black lives matter and brutality and discrimination needs to end.

Black Pride

marsha p johnsonYou cannot be silent and support Pride Month this June. The Stonewall riots were led by trans women of colour namely Marsha P. Johnson, Sylvia Rivera, and Stormé DeLarverie. This was in response to the police violence against our community and was the catalyst for why we now have the LGBTQ+ rights that we enjoy today. The Black community deserves the same.

Protests are how we make change.

We are inspired by the many voices we have seen from within the community who are using their voices to make change.

We can all help.

Here are a few powerful Black-Led LGBTQ+ organisations and initiatives we have found that you should support during #PrideMonth and beyond, and we will do the same. We intent to promote meaningful change. 

  • Black Aids Institute – Working to stop the AIDS epidemic in Black communities by engaging and mobilising Black institutions and individuals in efforts to confront HIV.
  • SNaPCo – The Solution Not Punishment Collaborative build on the power of black trans and queer people to wage and win campaigns that force systemic change.
  • Trans Cultural District – The world’s first legally recognised trans district in San Francisco which aims to stabilise and economically empower the trans community.
  • LGBTQ Freedom Fund – Posts bail for LGBTQ people who are help in jail or immigration detention and raises awareness for of LGBTQ over-incarceration.
  • House of GG – Creating safe and transformative spaces for the community to heal, focusing on transgender, gender-questioning, and gender-nonconforming people of colour.
  • Trans Justice Funding Project – A community-led funding initiative to support grassroots, trans justice groups run by and for trans people.
  • The Okra Project – A collective that seeks to address the global crisis faced by black trans people by bringing home-cooked meals and other resources to the community.
  • Black Trans Femmes in the Arts – are a collective of Black trans femmes dedicated to creating space for ourselves in the arts and beyond.
  • Black Transmen Inc – is a national non-profit organisation focused on acknowledgment, equality, social advocacy and empowering transgender men.
  • Black Trans Travel Fund – a grassroots, mutual aid based organisation developed for the purpose of providing Black transgender women with the financial resources necessary for them to be able to self-determine and access their safest travel options.
  • Brave Space Alliance – aims to generate opportunities for families, comrades, and our futures to engage in healing, community building, and the creation of kinship. They strive to educate, empower, and embolden through sharing skills, knowledge, and resources as we build towards the liberation of all oppressed peoples.
  • For the Gworls – Raise money to help Black trans individuals afford their rent and affirmative surgeries.
  • Transgender Gender-Variant and Intersex Justice Project – supports black, low income trans women and trans women of colour whose families are in prison or targeted by police.
  • Trans Women of Color Collective – to uplift the narratives and lived experiences of trans women of colour, and to create economic opportunities and affirming spaces for the community.
  • Support Black Lives Matter Online – information on how to support Black Lives Matter online, while staying safe and avoiding harassment from trolls, hackers, and more.. 
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