jeanne manford
Shannon Halliwell (She/Her)

PFLAG Co-Founder Jeanne Manford

Born Jean Sobelson in Flushing, Queens in 1920, the third of five daughters of Sadie, a housewife, and Charles Sobelson, a salesman, she studied for

Jesse Dirkhising
True Crime
Nikki Halliwell (She/Her)

The Murder of Jesse Dirkhising

Jesse Dirkhising, also known as Jesse Yates, was the son of Tina and Miles Yates Jr. from the small town of Prairie Grove, Arkansas, USA

andrew cunanan
True Crime
Shannon Halliwell (She/Her)

Versace Murderer: Andrew Cunanan

Andrew Cunanan was born in 1969 in National City, California, USA. In 1981, he was enrolled in The Bishop’s School, which was an independent day

matthew shepard
True Crime
Nikki Halliwell (She/Her)

Matthew Shepard Murder

What happened to Matthew Shepard at the hands of a group of homophobes has become one of the most well-known murders in American history.  This

black lives matter
All Gay Long (They/Them)

Black Lives DO Matter

All Gay Longs stands with and supports Black Lives Matter. This is not a race war, do not let people tell you otherwise. This is