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All Gay Long Podcast

In 2020, All Gay Long grew from a website into a Podcast. We realised we wanted to reach a wider audience and what better format to do that with than podcasting. With this, we are able to speak directly to our audience, and we can do it in a much more regular format too. And so, within a matter of weeks, this new venture was born! 

What is the All Gay Long Podcast?

All Gay Long is a weekly podcast where we share open and honest conversation all day long…. or All Gay Long! We share our stories, answer LGBTQ+ questions and educate ourselves and our listeners on queer history, all while having plenty of laughs along the way.

Join us as we chat informally in a safe place where no topic is out of bounds and diversity and differences are not only accepted but celebrated. We’re all about being honest that’s what we do best.

What Happened to the Podcast?

As we came out of lockdown in 2021, we realised it was a project that we could no longer sustain.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but our podcast had run its course. 

We loved what we created, and we still do, and we wish we could continue recording. When we made this announcement, we did so knowing that we would still be able to carry on with this website and create the content that we love, just in written format instead of recorded. 

We hope you continue to enjoy reading  about LGBT history and true crime. 

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