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Episode List

The All Gay Long podcast is no longer live but you can still read our episode list and check out the transcripts and blog articles to see what we discussed.

List of Episodes:

  1. An Awkward Intro – Topics: How we got together, how to deal with homophobic attitudes. Published 13th August 2020.
  2. She Nearly Ate a Dog Biscuit – Topics: How we got engaged, can you tell if a person is LGBTQ+ by the way they look, Britney Spears’ Conservatorship. Published 21st August 2020.
  3. Tater-rash, Land-area and Chrisfans – Topics: Being made redundant, walking home alone at night, virtual pride and a potential serial killer in our area. Published 28th August 2020.
  4. AGL Stories 1 – Matthew Shepard Murder – Topics: The tragic murder of Matthew Shepard, which remains one of the most well-know gay hate crimes in history. Published 4th September 2020.
  5. Earthquakes, That’s So Gay and Royalty – Topics: Nikki’s birthday, Spud being poorly, whether or not it’s ok to say “That’s So Gay” and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Published 13th September 2020.
  6. Cheating in Relationships and That Transphobic Book – Topics: Our views on cheating in relationships, how to know what pronoun to use, and the problem with J.K. Rowling’s new book. Published 20th September 2020.
  7. Weddings and Sexual Orientation – Topics: The difficulties of planning an LGBTQ+ wedding, and how you can know your sexual orientation if you’ve never had sex. Published 27th September 2020.
  8. AGL Stories 2 – A Rose By Another Name: Gwen Araujo – Topics: The tragic transphobic murder of Gwen Amber Rose Araujo who was brutally murdered at the hands of people she once called friends. Published 4th October 2020.
  9. Long Term Relationships and William Dorsey Swann – Topics: The realities of being in a long term relationship, are there only LGBTQ+ people in western countries and the story of William Dorsey Swann – the original drag queen and the original activist! Published 11th October 2020.
  10. Queer Representation and Magnus Hirschfeld – Topics: Why it is so important so have queer representation on TV and in other media. We also tell the story of the scientist and campaigner Magnus HirschfeldPublished 18th October 2020.
  11. LGBT Stereotypes and Alan Turing – Topics: How accurate are LGBTQ+ stereotypes and some myths / arguments around this. We also share the story of the mathematician and codebreaker Alan Turing. Published 25th October 2020.
  12. AGL Stories 3 – Andrew Cunanan and Jesse Dirkhising (Halloween Special) – Topics: In this AGL Story, we bring you a Halloween special. We share the story of serial killer Andrew Cunanan and tell the tragic story of the murder of Jesse Dirkhising. Published 1st November 2020.
  13. PFLAG and Jeanne Manford – Topics: The recent US Election result and what it could mean for queer people and we also share the story of PFLAG co-founder Jeanne Manford. Published 8th November 2020.
  14. Interweaving Boobs and Stormé DeLaverie – Topics: We answer a funny LGBTQ&A and we also share the amazing story of Stormé DeLarverie, the drag king and fearless guardian of lesbians and gays in New York City. Published 15th November 2020.
  15. First LGBTQ+ Memory and Christine Jorgensen – Topics: Our first memory or encounter with anything LGBTQ+ related as a child, and talk about Christine Jorgensen, a former G.I. turned trans activist and pioneer. Published 22nd November 2020.
  16. AGL Stories 4 – Upstairs Lounge Fire – Topics: The story of the 1973 Upstairs Lounge fire in New Orleans, USA. The scale of the tragedy was immense: it remains the deadliest fire ever in New Orleans. Published 6th December 2020.
  17. Gay BFFs and ACT UP – Topics: How do you feel when girls start to call you their new gay BFF and plan activities for you to do. In a belated tribute to World AIDS Day on 1st December we share the story of ACT UP – the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power. Published 13th December 2020.
  18. Kenny Everett and The Real Gay Christmas (Christmas Special) – Topics: The Story of Kenny Everett and discovering Saturnalia which is the real Gay Christmas and also share the history behind some more Christmas traditions and discover many of them have more LGBT connections than we first thought! Published 20th December 2020.
  19. Sally Ride and NASA Takes a Ride on Clive – Topics: Our hopes for 2021 and highlighting NASA Astronaut Sally Ride who was not only the first woman in space but also the first queer woman in space! Published 3rd January 2021.
  20. AGL Stories 5 – Toronto Gay Serial Murders – Topics: The story of Bruce McArthur, the most prolific known serial killer in Toronto, and the oldest known serial killer in Canada. He targeted South-East Asian or Middle Eastern men in the gay village who were either new to the country or had not yet come out to their families. Published 10th January 2021.
  21. Are We Having Kids and RuPaul Andre Charles – Topics: Shannon had some website difficulties with her business this week and Trump got impeached for the second time. We answer an LGBTQ&A around whether or not we’re having kids and tell the story of RuPaul and his life before Drag Race. Published 17th January 2021.
  22. Relationship Quiz and Gilbert Baker – Topics: We take a relationship quiz to see how well we communicate and if we share the same morals. We then talk about the man who created the Pride Flag, the activist and pioneer Gilbert Baker. Published 24th January 2021.
  23. Weird Things we Do and the Terrence Higgins Trust – Topics: Discussing some strange or funny things that each of us do and we share the story and the history behind the vital work that the Terrence Higgins Trust does. Published 31st January 2021.
  24. AGL Stories 6 – Conversion Therapy (Boy Erased) – Topics: Many people consider gay conversion therapy to be a thing of the past but for many it is still very much present and 1,000s of people are still subjected to this barbaric treatment every year. Published 7th February 2021.
  25. LGBTQ in the Media and The Danish Girl – Topics: Answering an LGBTQ&A around how we feel about the way LGBTQ are represented in the media and then share the story of Lili Elbe, also known as The Danish Girl. Published 14th February 2021.
  26. What Straight People Should Know about LGBT People and the History of Ballroom Culture – Topics: Answering a question around what we feel should be the one thing that straight people should know about LGBTQ+ people, and Shannon also talks about the history of gay / drag Ballroom Culture. Published 21st February 2021.
  27. Our Biggest Challenges and Audre Lorde – Topics: We answer a listener question as to what are the biggest challenges we faced both individually and as a couple. We then share the story of poet and feminist Audre Lorde. Published 28th February 2021.
  28. AGL Stories 7 – Eudy Simelane – Topics: We highlight the story of South African footballer Eudy Simelane who was brutally murdered for being a lesbian in a case of what is known locally as “corrective rape”.  Published 7th March 2021.
  29. Sarah Everard and Karl Heinrich Ulrichs – Topics: We discuss the recent disappearance of Sarah Everard and the need to Reclaim These Streets. We also discuss the life story of Karl Heinrich Ulrichs. Published 14th March 2021.
  30. Drag Race, Club Kids and Barbara gittings – Topics: We talk about the result of Drag Race UK Season 2, and we also answer ann LGBTQ&A around Club Kids and Party Monster. We then talk about Barbara Gittings and her activism work. Published 22nd March 2021.
  31. Best Thing about Podcasting and Henry Gerber – Topics: We answer a listener question around the best thing about podcasting. We then talk about Henry Gerber and the Society for Human Rights. Published 28th March 2021.
  32. AGL Stories 8 – The Doodler – Topics: We highlight the forgotten serial killer The Doodler who killed gay men in the 1970s in San Francisco. Published 4th April 2021.
  33. Will I Be Single Forever and Sylvia Rivera – Topics: We answer a question from a listener asking if they will be single forever and we then dive into the fascinating and inspirational story of Sylvia Rivera, the gay liberation, and transgender rights activist.  Published 11th April 2021.
  34. Attracted to My Girlfriend’s Brother?! Plus Ching Shih and Gay Pirates – Topics: We discuss the scenario of discovering your sexuality and having feelings for your girlfriend’s brother! We then share the story of the incredible woman that is Ching Shih, the pirate who ruled the seas, and find out more about gay life in pirate society. Published 18th April 2021.
  35. Coming Out to Conservative Parents…Plus Stonewall’s Ruth Hunt – Topics: We answer a question on how to come out to your conservative parents in a small village, especially when you cannot afford to move out. We then talk about Stonewall’s former CEO Ruth Hunt, now known as Baroness Hunt of Bethnal Green. Published 25th April 2021.
  36. The Incredibly Frustrating Case of Mitrice Richardson – Topics: Mitrice was a young woman who needed help, and the Sheriff’s Department failed her time and time again. Mitrice Richardson’s case remains open and we encourage those of you in the area to encourage authorities to help get justice for the Richardson family. Published 2nd May 2021.
  37. A Father Who Doesn’t Understand, Plus the Story of Boy George – Topics: We hear from a mother whose daughter has recently come out, but her husband is struggling to accept her. We then dive into the story of Boy George, the lead singer of Culture ClubPublished 16th May 2021.
  38. Is My Boyfriend Ghosting Me? Plus, the Story of Josephine Baker – Topics: We talk about how to handle a situation when the boy you’ve been talking to slowly stops answering your messages. We then look at the story of entertainer and WW2 spy Josephine Baker. Published 24th May 2021.
  39. The Stonewall Rebellion – The Origin, The Riots and The Aftermath – Topics: Discussing what happened at The Stonewall Inn in June 1969 and how it changed the gay LGBTQ+ were perceived and started the gay pride parade. Published 28th June 2021.
  40. Randy Kraft: The Sadistic Scorecard Killer – Topics: Randy Kraft had a loving childhood but went on to become one of America’s most deadly serial killers. Known as the Scorecard Killer he was convicted of 16 murders, but it is suspected he killed more than 60 men during his 12 year spree.  Published 5th July 2021.

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